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From Stem to Stern

A True Life Adventure

Linda Petrat has lived a life of high adventure, both on and off the sea. In From Stem to Stern: A True Life Adventure, her riveting follow-up to A Great Big Adventure on a Good Little Boat, Linda tells the exciting story of her life, soup to nuts: from the transition between 1960s stateside family normality to an untethered life as a young teen aboard a schooner in the Bahamas, and then her return back to the States. Then there are the idyllic New England “farm years,” when Linda and her husband raised two daughters, in a home she designed and built, as well as a slew of animals and…Christmas trees. Then a disaster, then a true disaster, and then tough-nosed rebuilding.

Linda Petrat does it all and then some in this sparkling and thoughtful memoir packed with wisdom and wit gleaned from an inspirational life truly lived in adventure, both on and off the sea.

A Great Big Adventure on a Good Little Boat

Just months after her 37-year marriage crumbled, 64-year-old wife, mother, and small business owner Linda Petrat undertook a three-month voyage on her “good little boat”—a 22-foot Pearson Ensign racing sloop, the Summer Wind—from Kittery, Maine, to Sarasota, Florida.

Sailing solo for all but the first week, Linda’s trip tests her resolve to carve out an entirely new life for herself, as she draws on inner strengths she always possessed, while discovering important personal truths she never knew.

Linda’s journey contains profound lessons for everyone faced with life-changing events—for all of us who want to come out the other side, whole and happy.

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