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Linda Petrat

Linda Petrat lived and worked in New England for over 40 years before her move to Florida. She spent many years building and restoring unique homes; notable projects include the design and construction of Victorian-era “painted lady” homes as well as the restoration of a 1908 cottage on Monhegan Island.

Linda grew up in a family of sailors. She has always kept one foot on the water: whenever time permitted, Linda could be found sailing out of Rye Harbor on her Pearson Ensign, the Summer Wind. Being a member of the Piscataqua Maritime Commission afforded Linda the opportunity to crew aboard a couple of “tall ships,” including the top-sail schooner the Lynx as it traveled through the Panama Canal.

Linda’s first book, A Great Big Adventure on a Good Little Boat, gives a riveting account of her voyage on her Summer Wind from Maine to Florida, following the breakup of her 37-year marriage. Sailing solo for all but the first week, Linda’s chronicle describes how she came through this challenging time with grace and dignity.

From Stem to Stern: A True Life Adventure, Linda’s follow-up book, explores Linda’s unusual life, from her growing-up years in the Bahamas, to her years on a New England farm, where she and her husband raised their two daughters, to her many sailing adventures and successful building projects, and concludes with her determination to conquer a life-threatening illness.

Fast-paced, witty, and thoughtful, there’s always an adventure waiting in the next chapter of Linda Petrat’s life: always a new challenge to undertake, always a new sea to sail, always a life lesson learned.

Nowadays, Linda spends her time teaching sailing and working aboard a variety of boats as a licensed captain in Sarasota, Florida.


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